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Re: Introduction - Jeremy Fluhmann

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Jeremy Fluhmann wrote:

> My background is mainly in developing web-based management tools.  I'm a
> Perl guy, so all of my stuff thus far has been Perl (along with the usual
> XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript).  I've picked up a few Python books and have
> been wanting to take on a project to help make me learn Python.  I've been
> running Ubuntu on my $work desktop and laptop for a little over a year and
> have previously worked with Fedora and Redhat systems at a previous job
> (developing web applications).  I run a personal server at home and will
> likely be switching it over to Fedora.

Welcom Jeremy, thanks for the introduction.  We've had a lot of
introductions over the last week (such a good thing!)  Unfortunately I've
been at pycon and am in training this week so I haven't been able to give
much attention to anyone yet.  So for those of you that haven't really
heard from me feel free to stop by #fedora-admin and bug someone in there
for stuff to do.  https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ is also
a good place to start.

Jeremy, how is your web design abilities?  Do you have any work available
we can look at?


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