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Re: ensuring an NFS dir mounted via puppet configs

Matt Domsch wrote:
> app4 needs to have /pub be NFS-mounted, for the mirrormanager crawler
> to work correctly.  I fixed this now and restarted the crawler.
> How can we configure puppet to make sure the right entry in /etc/fstab
> is present, and that /pub is mounted?

Something like this should work:

    mount { "/pub":
        device  => "nfshost:/path/to/pub",
        fstype  => "nfs",
        ensure  => "mounted",
        options => "defaults",
        atboot  => true,

That will add the entry to /etc/fstab is it's missing and mount the
filesystem if it's not mounted.

See http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/wiki/TypeReference#mount for

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