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Release day planning call

To f-infrastructure-l denizens:  The release day planning group is going
to crash this party, and bring a little traffic here, since you guys are
intimately involved with the release day efforts, and also have been
very good about tracking what you want to fix the next time around.
Hopefully our group can take a lesson from that and improve many of the
other constituent parts of the release process.

There's some notes available on Gobby as "release-day-planning.txt"
where we scribbled notes.  I'll post more from our meetings this week
after our follow up later today; hopefully we'll have a better list of
action items if needed.

One surprise: Some of the attendees found it really useful to be able to
say, "I need *X* earlier in the process," or, "It would be good if we
had a few days' more time for <particular_task>" in an open forum with
people who really know their part of the release process.  In that
sense, this was a little like a pre-F10 meeting, but there were plenty
of areas we found that we can do for this cycle to make things come
together nicely.

Looking forward to talking to everyone today at noon!

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