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Re: Release day planning call

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> To f-infrastructure-l denizens:  The release day planning group is going
> to crash this party, and bring a little traffic here, since you guys are
> intimately involved with the release day efforts, and also have been
> very good about tracking what you want to fix the next time around.
> Hopefully our group can take a lesson from that and improve many of the
> other constituent parts of the release process.
> There's some notes available on Gobby as "release-day-planning.txt"
> where we scribbled notes.  I'll post more from our meetings this week
> after our follow up later today; hopefully we'll have a better list of
> action items if needed.
> One surprise: Some of the attendees found it really useful to be able to
> say, "I need *X* earlier in the process," or, "It would be good if we
> had a few days' more time for <particular_task>" in an open forum with
> people who really know their part of the release process.  In that
> sense, this was a little like a pre-F10 meeting, but there were plenty
> of areas we found that we can do for this cycle to make things come
> together nicely.
> Looking forward to talking to everyone today at noon!

I won't be able to attend today as I'm in training all week, I've not
heard for sure who from our team will be going though.  Ping guys?  who's


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