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Re: Asterisk and Town Hall meeting

On 3/18/08, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com> wrote:
> The Fedora Board should be doing another "town hall" style meeting on
>  Tuesday April 1.  (No fooling.)  In March we postponed plans until then
>  to use Asterisk and Gstreamer to provide some sort of listening
>  capability for community members.
>  (1) How is that going?

There's been a little work done since my PoC.  Right now the big tasks are:

1) Getting FAS2 and Asterisk hooked up.  I've started some work on
that and am waiting for some feedback from Ricky, Toshio, and Mike.

2) Getting a IRC bot set up so that people can control the streaming.
Again, I've started some work in this area but nothing's ready yet.

>  (2) Can we plan to use that solution for the April 1 meeting?

I wouldn't count on it.  I'd prefer to have some smaller-scale
tests/demonstrations scheduled to work the kinks out before a
full-scale town meeting.  It'd also be nice to get flumotion set up so
that we can live webcast the next fudcon.

>  (3) If not, how can we schedule so as not to crunch the team around the
>  F9 release timetable?

jsmith and myself aren't that involved with the F9 release, so that
shouldn't be a problem.


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