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Hi folks.  I've joined the list and will apply for membership in sysadmin
and sysadmin-hosted groups.  I mostly want to hack on cobbling the mtn
support into shape, and it seems easier to have access than to just keep
bugging Mike all the time (no relation, by the way :-).

I can't promise time to attend any scheduled meetings, and I don't have
much spare time to work on worthy stuff in general.  But if I have access,
I will tend to fix random broken things in the middle of the night or
weekend when I notice them rather than complain and wait til morning or
Monday, and You Can Trust Me.

I claim zero facility with web hooey implementation.  Other than that, I
can usually help fix or whip up scripts and whatnot in whatever language,
and know plenty of random sysadminy crapola and arcane unixism that is
occasionally useful.


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