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Re: hello

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Roland McGrath wrote:

> Hi folks.  I've joined the list and will apply for membership in sysadmin
> and sysadmin-hosted groups.  I mostly want to hack on cobbling the mtn
> support into shape, and it seems easier to have access than to just keep
> bugging Mike all the time (no relation, by the way :-).
> I can't promise time to attend any scheduled meetings, and I don't have
> much spare time to work on worthy stuff in general.  But if I have access,
> I will tend to fix random broken things in the middle of the night or
> weekend when I notice them rather than complain and wait til morning or
> Monday, and You Can Trust Me.
> I claim zero facility with web hooey implementation.  Other than that, I
> can usually help fix or whip up scripts and whatnot in whatever language,
> and know plenty of random sysadminy crapola and arcane unixism that is
> occasionally useful.

Welcome Roland, its always nice to have another hosted admin around.
Especially one that understands mtn so we'll give it a go.  Make sure
you're familiar with our:


Section, its mostly just so we don't step over eachothers toes but if you
find something that needs to be added / changed.  Please add it.  Stop by
#fedora-admin sometime early next week and I'll give you a quick look at
how our hosted boxes are setup, puppet, etc.


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