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introduction all around

Hey everyone,

My name is John Roman, and I suppose this is my introduction. I hope to be considered for membership in the infrastructure group but of couse, I'm not yet familiar enough with it. im lurking the #fedora-admin channel for now as nimbius. occasionally ill browse the ticketing system to get an idea of what infrastructure at Fedora does.

I'm a 26 year old infrastructure engineer by trade with 3 years experience in Red Hat based systems. Ive worked one small shop, and one large shop. I've been a Fedora user since its inception and its taught me quite a bit about linux. Some of the things I enjoy doing most with fedora are high-availability clustering, building fiber channel LVM, and samba replacements for domain controllers.

for reference, I am an active contributor in the sambawiki on active directory/samba integration.

I want to join the infrastructure group because it will give me a chance to help the project, as well as learn more about an operating system that has been with me in one form or another for around 8 years.

fn:John Roman
org:Richmond Auto Parts Technology;Information Systems
adr:;;5000 Corporate Way;Richmond;KY;40475;USA
email;internet:jroman raptech com

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