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Re: sub-optimal torrent for F9 Snapshot 1

John Poelstra wrote:
I'm finding trying to get Friday's snapshot of Fedora 9 to be very sub-optimal... 62 hours estimated to go after already timing out once. I've got two peers and one seed :( I'll probably get it by time the next snapshot is ready :)

Is this happening to others?

Not happening here, I'm adding another seed to the swarm - I see it's already uploading more then it's downloading, while it is still downloading.

Is this really a viable way to put out *weekly* snapshots?

No. ;-)

Is hosting jigdo templates a possibility? In my situation it would work well because I mirror the rawhide trees locally--yes I realize this begs the question of why I need the snapshot if I already mirror rawhide, but I'm curious if it fails to install for me just as rawhide has for the past three days.

The snapshots (torrent ISO images) should have an updates.img which should make them installable.

Jigdo is a possibility in distributing the snapshots, but the downside is that at least one party, and preferably more then one, will need to keep hosting the slices; while on day 0 all slices are (or should be) in rawhide, on day 1 some packages might have been updated again and are thus not available anymore -unless some party keeps hosting the entire tree such as Fedora Unity does with their Re-Spins; 4 mirrors keep hosting all slices that come from the updates/ repository for as long as the Re-Spin is offered for downloading.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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