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Re: sub-optimal torrent for F9 Snapshot 1

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, John Poelstra wrote:

> I'm finding trying to get Friday's snapshot of Fedora 9 to be very
> sub-optimal... 62 hours estimated to go after already timing out once. I've
> got two peers and one seed :(  I'll probably get it by time the next snapshot
> is ready :)
> Is this happening to others?
> Is this really a viable way to put out *weekly* snapshots?
> Is hosting jigdo templates a possibility?  In my situation it would work well
> because I mirror the rawhide trees locally--yes I realize this begs the
> question of why I need the snapshot if I already mirror rawhide, but I'm
> curious if it fails to install for me just as rawhide has for the past three
> days.

Looks like this is actually releng's call as they decided to host jigdo
for the last beta.  I'm not sure if we ever got it actually working right


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