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PackageDB API Failings

Hey guys,

To go along with my recent post about designing Fedora Web Services API's to be good at what they do, I've just written down all the places that I think the PackageDB API fails. There's also some notes on how to fix the failings when we design an API to replace it::


Some of you may find it instructive of how to avoid the same pitfalls in your own TG Apps while others might have a vested interest in reading it and telling me if any of my thoughts on the redesign are lacking in insight (after all, myfedora, bodhi, and others will be consuming information from the packagedb).

Please take a look, I'll probably take a look at refactoring the current API to be more friendly to the redesign in a branch before starting to make concrete statements of what the methods in the new API will be (They will follow the guidelines established on the NewAPI page.) If you're the kind of person that likes to start from the abstract instead of the concrete, feel free to start writing some idea for useful functions for the new API.

Also, if there's any UI Designers around, now would be a great time to tell me how the present PackageDB sucks and what the new interface should look like. Then I can be sure to design API that can work with that efficiently :-)

Word on my personal timeline for working on this: Definitely a Post-FudCon-Boston thing. Maybe something that doesn't get worked on as late as the FudCon after that depending on how many other things pop up and whether I get a UI Designer who's excited about making changes.

/me goes to ask art-list if there's any UI designers that want to help me out.


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