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Re: Hosting Linux Fest Northwest Videos on torrent

Mike McGrath wrote:
On Thu, 1 May 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:

A team of folks took videos of various talks at Linux Fest Northwest.
They want to offer direct downloads as an alternative to the flash based
streams available at ustream.tv.  I have tentatively offered (with
stated caveat that Infrastructure had to approve) hosting space on the/a
torrent server for these videos.

I don't yet have an estimate on the total size, but there are 12~
videos, all somewhere around an hour in length.  It may be a while yet
before they're all re-encoded into our preferred format (.ogg) but I
wanted to get the ball rolling here.

Is this something Fedora (Infrastructure) would be willing to provide?

So the question is does Fedora offer hosting space for linux conventions
and things not directly related to Fedora?  I'd be curious to hear what
others say.

I'm not opposed to hosting this but perhaps phrasing the question that way is taking it out of our hands. We can say "We have/don't have space/bandwidth/manpower to do this" but whether it's something we should be doing seems to be a goals question that belongs to the Board to decide.

PS: fedorahosted can contain things which aren't directly related to Fedora. Hosting videos of linux-fest talks on the torrent server would be a different type of resource but not necessarily a different category politically.


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