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Bad failure of installation with ATI Graphic card Radeon HD 3870


I've not been active in Fedora development, but hope to be able to contribute
in near future. However, Fedora have always been my favorite distro, so I follow
the current development with great interest.

I've installed ubuntu and fedora 9 RC to compare how they handled the ATI Radeon HD 3870
(that I've installed on my machine), with the following issues:

1. As ubuntu completes it's installation, and prepares to shutdown, the initial Radeon driver
(I guess it is the open source) displays green vertical lines on the monitor and the machine freezes.
I can however restart the machine (reset) and enter the desktop. The freezes continues each time I
want to shutdown. When I install the propriety driver, the machine works fine (no more green vertical lines).

2. As Fedora 9 RC has almost completed the installation, the monitor again displays green vertical lines
(as in the ubuntu case), but the installation can not recover from the state, so the installation fails!

Another issue with ubuntu is the "white screen of death", that is, when you kick in compiz-fusion
with some desktop effects and then restart x-server, the user is greeted with a white screen and can
actually not do a thing (besides either restore x or reinstall the distro). The compiz-fusion comes in
as default in ubuntu. Now, some seems to think it is an issue with nvidia, but actually, some searches
on google reveals that "white screen" is present with different types of gfx cards (I had it on my machine
with ATI), so I think it is a compiz-fusion related issue. Since I could not continue from the installation
with current fedora, I could not try the issue.

Best Regards,
Jan Johansson (Sweden)

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