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user-added planet script

Hey folks, 
   I'm working on a script to collect blog/name/hackergotchi entries
from users homedirs on fedorapeople.org and assemble them into a config
file for planet to use. All the bits about grabbing the files are
clearly simple. My only question is this:
  - Should I just have the user put one (or more) planet config stanzas
in a file in their homedir or have them list just the blog feed url, the
hackergotchi url and their name and try to parse that out?

I'm inclined to the former. So a user could just have a .planet file
that has:

name = Seth Vidal
face = http://skvidal.fedorapeople.org/skvidal.png

which I could read in using configparser, throw out errors about any
duplicates and also balk if someone tries to over [Planet] or something
like that.

so, I wanted some feedback on what people thought would be the better


I only speak for me.

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