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Re: download problem

subhodip biswas wrote:
hi !
while trying to download F9 what I face is quite frustrating ..in fact
this can be faced by a lot of user in India .
while  wbut mirror is down (temporarily ) and other cannot handle all
the load and bit torrent is quite slow .
clicking on i386 direct download always gives error 412 : too many
connected users .
any way of avoiding this .. I am currently downloading from a mirror
in USA and its quite slow.


Going from what I know (someone might want to update me here):
We currently only have 3 mirrors in India (http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/), one is on a 45mbps link, while the other two are on 5mbps and 2mbps links.

From what I see, there isn't really much we can do apart from waiting for more Indian mirrors to come aboard, ISPs/Universities are the best bet and is actually where quite a few of our mirrors are located.

Another alternative is try an Asian or Europe mirror, China, Japan, Italy, France etc, many of these mirrors are on 100Mbps+ links and shouldn't be returning 421 errors. (I have no clue on the Indian internet topology but generally geographically closer locations have better links)

Noting the 421 errors, it's fairly hard to prevent them, the script (as Matt mentioned on IRC) could be adapted to query the server if there are slots open but thats not always possible.

- N.J.

Amendment: I noticed the two slower mirrors only allow ftp, try http://ftp.iitm.ac.in/fedora/ which is the server on the 45Mbps link and responds to me in NZ.

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