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Re: F10?

Mike McGrath wrote:
So F9 is out the door and we had a very exciting last 6 months.  Here's
the short list:

 * FAS2
 * /mnt/koji migration and deployment
 * Backup system up and running
 * Collaboration servers brought up (gobby and asterisk POC)
 * UTC switch

The focus for this last release was mostly around sanity.  Cleaning up
some configs, things like that.  We actually did a very good job of that.

All in all I feel it was a good release.  So my question to the team, what
would you all like to see over the next 6 months?
I agree, the release went smoothly, compared to what I remember a year back when I was helping out.

Some of the 'would be nice' items I guess are:

* Logical separation of apps/services
- i.e. app2's load really spikes when msgmerge runs (I'm assuming this is l10n stuff, why should this have to run on the same server that runs the wiki etc, if possible it'd be nice to have a similar setup like rel-eng has) * Better load balancing, I'm assuming http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Architecture is still technically correct, it'd be nice to have the proxy servers randomly choosing an App server, is this even possible? * Something that Debian has as a service to packagers is machines of various architectures that can be used for debugging/solving build problems, koji scratch builds solve part of the problem, but access to the chroot or something like that would be even better, I know people offer this sort of setup on a 'by request' basis, but if we retiring builders etc in the future, instead of sending them to the graveyard, this is an option.

And of course some of the upcoming stuff:
* Mediawiki
* New DB Server for Koji
* Network storage for tarball uploads
* Elections App (expect a call for testers soon)

- Nigel

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