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Re: Fedora and CIA.vc

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
I think this was discussed briefly in the past on IRC, having Fedora
listed on http://cia.vc/. CIA is "a real-time window into the open
source world", providing "Real-time open source activity stats" with
active projects, people, commits, etc.

It probably won't provide much added functionality (although its RSS
feeds are handy sometimes eg. [1]), but it'd be good having Fedora on
another contributor/project map. And with the diversity of the
projects hosted on Fedora Hosted, maybe this will bring more
contributors in.

We'll need to add the CIA client script to our versioning systems:


This looks like a good thing to me. Dmitris do you want to get this setup? I can sponsor you into any additional groups you need to work on this. (I can put it on my TODO list if you can't, but you know how those things go :-( )


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