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Re: postfix alias issue

Jesse Keating wrote:
> And of course I just found the problem.  email2trac's spam detection
> code is... sub par.  It was seeing a 'X-Spam-Level:' header with no
> content and trying to split that line.  Whoops.  It seems to me it
> really needs to grok the X-Spam-Status line and find the score within.

Why is parsing X-Spam-Status better than counting the '*' in
X-Spam-Level though?  As long as the code doesn't try to split an
empty field, I think it should be fine.  (Unless there are cases where
Spamassassin inserts X-Spam-Status and no X-Spam-Level.)

> I don't necessarily have time to do that today so I've hand patched
> email2trac to just catch on 'X-Spam-Flag'.  If any of you would like
> to work on a better patch please shoot it my way, I'll hold off on
> building email2trac for a few days.

Here[1] is something only lightly tested (outside of trac, as I have
no trac install handy to test with).  It might be something worth
adding along with the check you've added to catch X-Spam-Flag: Yes.

[1] http://tmz.fedorapeople.org/tmp/email2trac-0.13-spamcheck.patch

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