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Re: Freeze reminder

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Anand Capur wrote:
>> Mike McGrath wrote:
>>>> Just a reminder the final "full freeze" starts on November 11th.  That
>>>> means we've got a week to get any changes we want in and ready.
>>> I thought that we're already "frozen" ?
>>> (aside from critical/stopper fixes which are filed as per
>> I think that freeze is for packages - Mike was referring to the
>> infrastructure freeze (changes to our systems).
>> Thanks,
>> Ricky
> Yep, as per the link Mike posted (
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ReleaseEngineering/FinalFreezePolicy), it
> says "no new builds are allowed for packages already in the Fedora
> collection" which is a package freeze :D

ah. ok. now I understand.

Thank you, all, for the clarification. (and sorry for the confusion).

Might I know, please, how do we prepare a "0 day" update ? (an update that is
ready on the day of the release, but not part of the release).

Thank you, and all the best,

- -Greg

> -Anand
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