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Hi there,

"I'm the new one", as they say.

I've been messing with RHL, RHEL and Fedora since RHL 4.0, nowadays as a
developer, formerly as consultant, support person and sysadmin (paid
gigs that is, unpaid it's still a mix of all these). I'm experienced in
software and database design and have used and still use among others C,
Python, Perl, SQL for that. I've also done web programming with PHP
(which I'd rather forget) and nowadays TurboGears and Co.

My motivation to show up here is that until now I've only caused you
people work and I thought that I could help out with things for a
change; I thought about the web, hosted, devel/tools (what's the
difference?) FIGs. I can't say how much I can spare for Fedora
Infrastructure work and I'll probably only occasionally be able to join
the meeting (which is a tad late in my timezone), but I should still be
able to work on the odd ticket or two.

My Fedora moniker as well as IRC nickname on Freenode is "nphilipp".

Nils Philippsen      "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase 
Red Hat               a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty
nils redhat com       nor Safety."  --  Benjamin Franklin, 1759
PGP fingerprint:      C4A8 9474 5C4C ADE3 2B8F  656D 47D8 9B65 6951 3011

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