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An introduction

Hi all,

My name is Mike and I'm a sysadmin based in the UK.  I work mainly with RHEL, TRU64 and AIX systems professionally but have a few Fedora boxes at home that I experiment with generally to save me trashing any of the corporate systems :) .  I moved into administration about 5 years ago from a development background and so feel quite comfortable playing around with code and generally scripting too.  I started as a C developer and worked with a few flavours of assembly but these days mostly lurk around Perl.  I understand that Python plays a big part in the Fedora project and so would really like to learn a bit more about it.  If there is any way I can help and hopefully at the same time pick up a few new skills that would be excellent but at the end of the day I'd really just like the chance to contribute something of value to the project wherever I can. 

Hopefully speak to you all soon


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