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Re: Puppet training

On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:

> Well crap guys, my bad.  I never finalized this and the time has come and
> gone..  Will next week on wed at 4:00 work for everyone still?

Ok, its time!  So we're looking at 4:00 Central time or:

date -d "2008-10-01 21:00 UTC"

The slides are:

We'll have the discussion at extension 2001 or
sip:infrastructure fedoraproject org 

if you don't have soft voip capabilities see
http://talk.fedoraproject.org/ for local dial in numbers (if you are near

Also, should we also have an IRC channel for people to ask questions in
like last time?  I'd encourage everyone who's doing this but doesn't use
voip regularly to come by #fedora-admin and test your setup before the
meeting.  It can often not work as you'd expect and if you're causing
noise on the line it will delay the training.


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