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adding releases to bodhi and cluttered menu


This question is asked in the context of 
which has not already been approved by FESCO, so this could have no
follow-up, though I think that this issue is also relevant for EPEL.

Till raised an interesting issue associated with adding more releases in
bodhi: each release takes some place in the left menu. Another could
still be right, but I think that 4 or more will certainly be
problematic. Has this issue already been considered? What is the plan
for EPEL when it switches to using bodhi? In addition to being there
there will be in the end 3 to 5 EPEL versions in parallel so this is
certainly an issue that will arise.

Any comment, idea?

If it ends up that for the proposal (or for EPEL) another bodhi server 
has to be set up, can you tell if it is easy rather easy to set up and 
administer or rather hard?


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