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RE: More puppet training!

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> On Monday 08 September 2008 10:16:28 am Mike McGrath wrote:
> > So I'm going to hold a couple more training seminars for Puppet in
> > Fedora's Infrastructure.  I was hoping you guys could also throw some
> > questions together so i make sure I don't miss anything.
> Id like to know where should i put a script in the puppet tree.  where
> should I put config files etc.

A script to be pushed to the clients, then executed, should be in the
directories declared by the fileserver directives (/var/lib/puppet/config, I

A script run on the server-side (e.g. an external node classifier, etc.)
should live in /usr/local/bin on the puppetmaster.

> what if its something needed on 2 systems that have different purposes
> should i create a new class?  or just add it to each of the two
> groups?.  but a shared group.  that kind of thing.

Yep. My rule of thumb tends to be to create purpose-specific classes, so
that any node or server group that needs singular bits can include or
inherit them (and override any conflicting values).

> Dennis


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