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Re: Removal of old projects from fedorahosted.

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 4:35 PM, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath redhat com> wrote:
> In general from the infrastructure side I'd say we want to keep the
> barrier to enter low but the quality high.  Certainly there's projects
> that don't need to be updated every 6 months but we can identify those and
> deal accordingly.

How about 'delisting' instead of deleting?  I'm operating under the
assumption that the infrastructure burden of hosting the project isn't
the problem you're trying to solve, and that keeping the projects at
fedora hosted relevant is.

A delisted project simply wouldn't appear on the main fedora hosted
list of projects, but would still be available via direct link.  That
way, nothing is lost, but the clutter vanishes.

You could even have yet another category for projects that are known
to be abandoned.


Robin Norwood

"The Sage does nothing, yet nothing remains undone."
-Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

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