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Re: Removal of old projects from fedorahosted.

On Tue, 2008-09-09 at 21:20 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> I don't see why that project would get removed.  I really think I'm
> getting misunderstood here.

I think that part of the misunderstanding is that I don't see "six
months" as equivalent to "stale".  We're not even to the seven year
point of RHEL 2.1.  And there are definitely things that I personally
migrated from elvis -> fedorahosted that, while not relevant with
"current" distros still are for older RHEL.

> 1) we send an email to the group members explaining their project is stale
> and asking to remove it.
> 2) they respond saying they'd like to not have it removed. (it stays)

It stays for how long?  If we look at the set of what's being talked
about here, I can already tell you that the vast majority are going to
fall into the "wanting to be kept" category.  Which means that we're
doing a lot of administrative overhead for how much gain?

> 3) they respond saying its no longer used and it can be removed (we remove
> it or they move it elsewhere)
> 4) no one responds (it gets removed)

Within what time period?  And if it later becomes relevant/needed again
we just hope that someone has a backup?


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