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Re: Removal of old projects from fedorahosted.

On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> >
> > Backups, time to maintain, bandwidth for the backups, testing when we make
> > changes, people to notify should our Infrastructure get compromised again,
> > etc, the unknown.
> Backups really are equivalent to disk space.  Testing for changes --
> maybe.  But if it's really that inactive, then a change is unlikely to
> break it.  And if it does, then when someone notices, they'll holler.

yeah, when you backup to disk over a LAN, neither of which we do.

> Yes, it may be ancient history, but it's still history.  And there's a
> lot that can be learned from history.  Just ask the people that have
> done things like importing _all_ kernel history since the dawn of time
> (that at least they can find tarballs for).  Or ajax and his "X since
> the dawn of time" archive.
> > I guess I'm just putting my foot down on this since almost all the support
> > for "keep everything around forever" has come from people that don't have
> > to deal with the consequences of that decision.  This isn't a file being
> > kept on someones desktop...
> You're right, it's not a file that's being kept on someone's desktop.
> It's something far more important -- it's the DNA of the evolution of
> open source.

Then they can keep their DNA somewhere else.


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