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Re: app2 disk space

On 2008-09-20 05:41:22 PM, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> Do we have standard kickstarts for systems or are they done by hand?
Yup, we pretty much do a kickstart install, edit /etc/hosts and other
networking configs, then run puppet to build a box.  Our SOP for doing
all of this is publicly available at

> How are systems provisioned to be built?
I'm not completely sure what this means - I guess we just look for xen
hosts with available resources and build there.

> Do we use cobbler? Would we be interested in doing so?
I don't think we are now, and I have no idea what kind of interest there
is in using it.

> What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?
Hehe: http://www.style.org/unladenswallow/


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