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SFD@NIT Hamirpur

Hi All,

         Yesterday we celebrated software freedom day(SFD) in our college. We didn't expected many people since it being a holiday and also people were off to their home just after  periodical exams. even we put the notice just one day before as everyone was busy in periodical.

         The event consisted of
        1. Introduction to glug-nith and campus ambassador program sarted by SunMicrosystem in our college.
        2. A detailed step by step installation of fedora 9 and opensolaris build 79.
        3. Distibution of opensolaris dvd to everyone.
        We started at 4:30 in the evening with some 45 people, mostly new faces from 1st year. We started the session  with the introduction to glug-nith and the ideology behind it, the opensouce concept and  its learn and share philosophy!
        We had plans of warping up everything within one hour, but people kept pouring in and within half an hour some 65 people were their in the seminar hall! infact three of us had to stand throughout the session as  their was no chair left.
        Student were quite interested and they did come up with lots of basic but interesting question!

     We covered the the installation of fedora and opensolaris. After that we covered the benefit of linux or rather open source over propitery OS.
    We have also told them to join glug-nith mailing list
    In the end we distributed the dvd of opensolaris . It all took  more than 2 hours but needless to say it was really great and much more than what we expected.

Varun Patial

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