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Change request: bugfix for packagedb-bzsync

We've got a pair of problems with the packagedb-bugzilla sync script
that is keeping bugzilla from being updated with new information that
I'd like to deploy.  Both are extremely simple (so easy to back out) and
 both are causing bugzilla to not update.

1) config change.  The debug flag was left on when we deployed a new
version of the script a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, for this script,
debug implies dry_run.  So no updates occur while debug is on.

2) one line bugfix.  The script was attempting to change a variable
containing a fas username into a bugzilla email address twice.  This
failed on the second attempt since the email address couldn't be found
in the username field.

This change affects app5 (where the scripts run) and bugzilla.  Since
the script was hitting pkgdb before (just not updating bugzilla), it
shouldn't affect the pkgdb.

Can I get two +1's ?


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