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Re: Some doubts for creation of new projects in fedorahosted

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Huzaifa Sidhpurwala wrote:

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> Hi All,
> I was doing a ticket on creating new projects on fedorahosted today and
> found certain anomalies in the documentation [1].
> Since this is my first ticket on creating new projects on fedorahosted,
>     I am not sure if my methods are correct, hence this email.
> The ticket in question is [2]
> 1. When a create a new git repo and do a git clone, exactly following
> the instructions on the wiki, i get a "headers does not exist message"
> I resolved it by doing
> cd /git/libaio.git; sudo git init
> This worked dont know if it is correct though

This looks correct.  There's an 'a' file in there, not sure where that
came from :)

> 2. When running the script to create a new project, It seems that the
> trac enviroment was correctly created however adding a user to
> TRAC_ADMIN group gave the following error:
> "Command failed: columns username, action are not unique"
> However the user does get added to TRAC_ADMIN Group.
> Also the script already has step 6 [1] incorporated so i dont think that
> is needed.
> I would really appreciate if someone with a more experience can help me
> out a bit. Thanks a lot in advance. :)

I have a hunch our script had a section in it to fix a bug in a previous
version of trac that has now been fixed.  Its probably safe to ignore but
I'll take a closer look.


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