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Re: A new member...

Quoting Toshio Kuratomi <a badger gmail com>:

> Kevin Cadieux wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > My name is Kevin, and I just recently created my account to be a member of
> the
> > Fedora Project. I was interested in getting involved, so I looked at the
> > different sub-projects on the wiki. I found that the Infrastructure
> sub-project
> > was the one that suited best my experience and interests. So here I am now,
> > writing to you all to introduce myself :)
> >
> > I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Sherbrooke in
> Quebec,
> > Canada. I am very organized with my school work so I can easily manage to
> get
> > 10 to 20 hours of "Fedora" time per week. I am still in the process of
> reading
> > the different documents on the wiki in order to get up to speed with Fedora
> and
> > the Infrastructure group. So, if you have any advice as to what would be
> the
> > best thing to start with, feel free to let me know. It would be greatly
> > appreciated. In the meantime, I'll continue my reading and let you all know
> > when I feel ready to roll.
> >
> Welcome!
> It really depends on what your interests and skills are.  The first
> question to ask is do you want to start off with programming or system
> administration?  Many of us cross the boundaries into both sides of that
> but in terms of getting started on a first project and finding a mentor
> to show you the ropes, it's good to have some focus on one or the other
> at first.
> -Toshio


Thanks for your reply!

To answer your question, I would feel more comfortable with programming for now
since most of my experience is tied to that field.

I have completed a 3 year Computer Science program at CEGEP (a kind of college
in Quebec). I then started a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, for
which I am at my second year now. In between my education, I have accumulated
about 2 years of hands-on experience by working at various companies in
Montreal. I have been doing Web development for 1 year, using technologies such
as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, JSP, MySQL, and MSSQL. Then, for 6
months, I filled a programmer position doing mostly VB.NET, Java, and MSSQL. I
passed the last four months at Electronic Arts working on the new Skate game
coming out for the Wii. In this project, I worked on adapting the various audio
technologies for the Wii, wrote the music system for the game and contributed
in the development of the speech playback system. The technologies used there
were mostly C++, Visual Studio.NET, Perforce, and Nant.

I don't have that much experience with Fedora or Linux, but that's one of the
reasons I want to get involve: to learn.

Given my background, I assume sysadmin-devel would be the most appropriate? Or
do you have any suggestions? I already applied to sysadmin, for a start :)



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