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change request: [[MediaWiki:Common.css]]

(cc docs)

Request to change https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Common.css to
the following:

.messagebox.wikicleanup {
	background-image: url("/w/uploads/7/72/Wiki-cleanup-background.png");
	background-repeat: repeat;

Reason: to allow for [[Template:Wiki cleanup]] (a new admonition to
replace using {{admon/note}} in {{move}}, {{delete}}, etc) to stand out
from other admonitions as not being alerting to the user, but rather to
wiki gardeners.

The reason this can't be done right in the template is because MediaWiki
is very, very careful about external images (even though this one is
technically "internal").

Effect on remainder of wiki/website/world: Little to none. An error
should have no effect on the rest of the style of the wiki, except for
user styles. I do not believe there to be an error in the above.

Why I'm asking: I have to wield my sysop powers on the wiki to do this,
and I just wanted to make sure it was cool (especially since we're in a
change freeze). Why I'm asking now: I'll forget later.

Ian Weller <ianweller gmail com>                  http://ianweller.org
GnuPG fingerprint:  E51E 0517 7A92 70A2 4226  B050 87ED 7C97 EFA8 4A36
"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet."
  ~ Douglas Adams

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