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Re: HI~ All I'm New

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009, JackyCheung wrote:

> HI~:
>     Hi,All. I'm JCheung from BeiJing China. I'm 23 years old. I want to join the Fedora-infrastructure team of Fedora
> project.
>      When I was a child, I'm learn the qbasic, and write some smimple program with qbasic.When I was 18 years old(2004)
> ,I have CCNA of Cisco Career Certifications.
> In the same year, I'm learn the C#,(Now i don't use this for development program.)
> When I was  19 years old(2005), I'm learn the Linux OS, PHP & C in work.
> When I was 21 years old(2007), I'm learn the Python. Use this write some little program.
> Now, I'm skill is : C, Python, PHP, and some with Ruby on Rails.
> I love OpenSource !!!
> I love FreeSoftware!!!
> I have the Fedora account. The Fedora Account username is jcheung too.

Welcome jcheung!  I see you are in IRC right now, I'll talk to you there.


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