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New fasClient

For quite a while (I think sometime around the Incident) we've had a
fas-client update pending that is broken.  We finally got around to
looking into the problem and have something that we think works.  I've
deployed it on hosted1, hosted2, bastion, and fedorapeople.  Everything
looks fine with those hosts.  There are a few changes:

1) There's still one bug where old home directories aren't deleted/moved
to /home/fedora.bak/.  The owners are removed, though.

2) The new script and server methods are stricter than the old one.  The
new script checks for cla_done and active status whereas the old script
doesn't.  This has lead to a few removals on hosted1&2, bastion, and a
whole lot of removals on fedorapeople.

For now I'm turning the fas-clients version back to "present" in puppet
and removing the known broken fas-clients packages from the fi-repo
( and, the good versions, remain).  We should be good
to upgrade fas-clients on the other hosts anytime.


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