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transport maps for bastion

Currently all mail which goes through bastion (for example all
@fedoraproject.org mail) then relays through mx.util.phx.redhat.com.

So, if we look at our mail route it is:

primary mxes for fedoraproject.org are:
IN	MX	40 smtp.fedora.redhat.com.
IN	MX	10 mx1.fedoraproject.org.
IN	MX	20 mx2.fedoraproject.org.
IN	MX	30 mx3.fedoraproject.org.

Which are all redhat.com boxes. So our mail goes from there, to bastion
to expand out the aliases we have (ultimately) then back to
mx.util.phx.redhat.com to be relayed out to the rest of the world.

For various reasons mail bound from bastion to @redhat.com addresses
probably needs to go through mx.util.phx.redhat.com, however, mail not
bound for @redhat.com shouldn't have to.

I'm proposing using a postfix transport map which explicitly says:
.redhat.com  smtp:mx.util.phx.redhat.com
redhat.com  smtp:mx.util.phx.redhat.com
* :

This says: 

for mail bound to redhat.com or anyhost.redhat.com - relay to

for any other email, relay normally (ie: by the destinations normal

So my question for all you nice people is:

Can anyone see any problem with doing this? I've tested it out on a
different mail server I take care of and it works fine.


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