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On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, Mike McGrath wrote:

> Hey guys, so we talked about this... well, a long time ago and decided to
> do it but it never got implemented.  So I'm going to implement it now and
> its likely going to cause some people pain for now.
> I'm going to set the default bash TMOUT value to 32400 (9 hours).  If you
> need to overwrite this, you can do it in your bashrc though its
> recommended that you not do that.
> I'm going to add this to the security policy as this is a security
> measure.  I'll do it tomorrow morning so get ready.

I just put this in, it should only impact interactive shells so any of our
scripts or other apps that might take longer then 9 hours shouldn't be

FYI, the 9 hour timeout is 9 hours from the last command entered / ended.
SO if you just hit the spacebar, that doesn't count.  If you're actually
running a command that takes longer then 9 hours, you'll be ok.


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