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Re: Password resets

Mike McGrath wrote:
I discovered long ago there's no glory in what we do.  Gotta fight the
good fight just because it's there.

There's a truism I wish I'd never heard.

It's not my idea of security, it's my idea of a task.  I just want some
concrete thing that has a begining, middle, and end for people to do so we
can prune accounts.  Logging in and typing your password a couple of time
(and keeping it the same thing).  Doesn't sound like it's introducing or
removing any holes.

As I said before, it seems, that not everyone understood that. Most (apparently) thought the password had to be changed. That's what will introduce new holes that didn't exist before. I think the major portion of confusion here is the standards set by 'free' email services, where a 'password reset' means selecting and entering a new password (this is also common in corporate settings).

I'm simply suggesting that it'll be easier/more secure to handle by way
of logging 'login times' than the way it is currently being handled.

It may well prove to be more work than was wanted... but more work is often better than a reduction in security.

Sorry to hear you won't be discussing it further.

Toshio has the majority of my arguments from our recent discussions.
I am willing to clear up confusion in my arguments, should they arise,
but I will not fight.

My mind (and body) simply cannot handle the stress of debating/arguing/fighting, and seeing as this is the kind of discussion that can quickly run out of control, I am
simply stating my intention not to get involved in another fight.

Lyos Gemini Norezel
fn:Lyos Norezel
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email;internet:Lyos GeminiNorezel gmail com
title:Computer Repair Technician
note;quoted-printable:"Those who hunt monsters beware, lest they become monsters themselves.Ify=
	ou stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you." --Nietzsch=
	Mundus Vult Decipi et Decipiatur -- Latin Proverb

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