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RE: Password resets

I'm coming to this discussion without much background, so apologies if I am
missing something, but from what I gather all you're trying to do is check
for active contributors?  If so, why not send an email along the following
lines instead of requiring password resets?

"According to our records you are a contributor to the Fedora project.  We
periodically check that all our contributors are still active so that we can
clean up old accounts and save some server room.  If you would like to keep
your Fedora account, please click the link below.  Should you not have
visited the link below by x, we will remove your account.

http://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/verify/myemail fp o

You have one month until your account will be removed."

In these circumstances I find short, clear emails with a clear statement of
consequences gets across best...


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