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Another hello


my name is Tomek Walkuski. I want to introduce myself and write
something about my skills, responsibilities at day job and so on.

I am administering a few CentOS servers, two of these are under VERY
high load running some Java and MySQL powered applications. One of these
is running quite small Oracle instance. I am also using CentOS in my
Master's degree thesis.

What I want to achieve? Always learn something new (to be more
proficient in Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora and to pass someday RHCE
certificate), give my skills, experience (well...) and knowledge back.

I think sticking to Fedora Infrastructure Team someday would be great
opportunity to get involved in FOSS development. Now I will try to
wander around a little :)

During my free time, I am riding my bike, playing with Ada and Eiffel
languages, "doing things".

Tomek Wałkuski
tomek walkuski gmail com
tel. +48 505 766 148

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