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Re: hosts for rawhide build chroots - different rpm versions?

On Sunday 22 March 2009 05:02:41 am Axel Thimm wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK the build hosts are RHEL5 (or maybe F10 by now?). At any rate
> the rpm used in rawhide is quite different than the ones from the
> hosts, how has this been solved in the build hosts? Has the hosting OS
> upgraded its rpm to be compatible to all hosted chroots? Or is the rpm
> within the chroot used?
> I'm asking in a double context: First I'd like to understand if smart
> can properly handle chroots of rawhide/F11 on F10/RHEL5 hosts. Anders
> Björklund (in the Cc, please keep him there on replies) has put a
> great deal of effort to have smart working on F10 and F11, and a smart
> version for managing F11 and later chroots on F10 or earlier would be
> great.
> And second I'd like to know how to setup a build environment for F11
> for getting some ATrpms packages out.

we are running a version of rpm 4.6.0 on rhel5.  This is only so mock can 
populate chroots with rpms with stronger hashes rhel5's rpm doesnt support.  
All srpm creation now takes place in chroots so features of the target rpm are 
always available. 

rpm in F-10 updates is compatible with the new rpm features. but rpm from F-9 
and RHEL4 and 5 can not handle the new rpm at all. you cannot make chroots on 
them with rawhide rpms.

you could use koji on F-10/rawhide  or F-9/RHEL5 by replacing the hosts rpm to 
build your packages.


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