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Re: An Introduction

On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, Rino Mardo wrote:

> Hello, my name is Ferino Mardo but you can call me Rino. I am a
> network professional having been in the industry for more than 18
> years. I used to be a coder (from assembler to C) but now working as a
> network manager. I don't consider myself a newbie though I also don't
> call myself a h4ck3r :-) but I do know my way around computers and the
> Internet.
> I have time available and want to contribute it to this dynamic team.
> i used to do shell scripts but that part is now rusted because my
> company now is using closed source softwares. As the nature of things
> outside of the US, we techies don't have any specialization to speak
> of. If you know a little sql command, bang!, you're the dba. but i do
> know my dns (also rusty), firewalls (closed source too), WAN
> management, UTP network cabling (handmade), install and maintain
> server OS, do patches, and other things as needed to do the job.
> Lookin at the FIG, I'm not sure which to join I hope someone can
> suggest a starting point?
> Am looking forward to contribute and hope to "see" you soon!
> Regards,
> Rino Mardo

Welcome Rino, a good place to start is to stop by #fedora-admin on
irc.freenode.net and say hey.  If you cannot thats totally ok too and you
can participate on the list.


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