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It's probably a bit odd to introduce myself after having posted a few
messages here, but I've been interested in joining this group for a
while, though I haven't signed up in FAS as more than CLA, yet.

I've been doing info security consulting for about the past ten years,
although I don't consider myself exclusively a security guy.  Part of
that consulting has been Linux.  Part of that's been Sun, Cisco, etc.
I've been using and abusing RHL and Fedora since RHL 7.0.  I'm no
stranger to shell (sh/bash) scripting.  There's a bit of perl in there, too.

I'm an RHCE and a CCNA.

For Fedora contributions to date, they've mostly been testing (lots
during F11), filing bugs, and submitting a few patches.

I should be attending the IRC meeting today (or tomorrow, depending when
you read this).  I look forward to working with you and contributing
whatever I can.

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