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RE: dependencies page

That's great news to hear that many jars are already in JPackage 5.0 (the
WIP new release). I didn't notice this possibility as I looked at the
JPackage site. I'll update my lists.

Regarding the old jars, I agree. In many (most?) cases we can probably
just drop in the newer jar and test to make sure JasperServer still works.

In the worst case scenario where dropping in the new jar breaks our app,
I'm not sure that I'll be able to get JasperServer to update. Allocating
resources to fix something that isn't broken is often tough. Anyway, I
won't worry about this yet; we've got plenty of bridges to cross before
this one.


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Subject: Re: dependencies page

Matthew Dahlman wrote:
> Rather than create a second page for JasperServer, I created a page 
> intended to list all of the JAR files we need. This way we can note 
> where multiple projects use overlapping JARs.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Java_JAR_dependencies
I could give you (not next week, I will be travelling) the ones we need
for JBoss AS too.  However, my database does not have versions in the jar
names, they are in a separate column.

Also, I noticed that 1/2 of the things you list as not in Jpackage are in
JPackage 5.0 (the WIP new release).

For instance, activation is  JAF, any "jaf" package will have it.  Same
for mail.jar

The Spring 2.x is the spring2 package.

jsf, jstl, are there, from glassfish-*

I am sure we have a full antlr as JBoss AS uses it.  AXIS is also
complete.  It may be a difference in the name of the JARs

W.r.t. wsdl4j, xerces and xalan these are just versions mismatches.  I'd
strongly recommend that JasperSoft would spend the time necessary to
update these components as they are using very ancient versions and this
makes maintainability very difficult (these communities don't have these
under their radar for quite some time).

I think I will find a way to create a page for JPackage with a JAR to
package mapping, and with a version column.  I have to ask our host to
create a database instance for me.  (note: unversioned JAR file names
seems to be the more current practice, Sun likes it and it is compatible
with maven, so I will list them that way).

Regards to all.  See you in one week.


> Regards,
> Matt
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> Subject: dependencies page
> This page is a good example ...
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Alfresco
> .. of what we are going to need for all of you.
> I'm planning to send out an email to the general developers list 
> (fedora-devel-list), inviting packagers who are interested in ISV 
> software to assist with the packaging efforts.  They benefit from the 
> dependency list.
> Getting out this list of dependencies is the first step[1] in getting 
> software packaged.  I encourage you to post whatever you have so far 
> to the wiki so that others can read and assist.[2]
> If you need any assistance with the wiki, please contact me.  Using 
> the general format of https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Vendor_Name is a 
> good place to start gathering content.  Let us know when you get 
> something posted!
> Thanks - Karsten
> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/ISV#What_next.3F
> [2] The work on the Alfresco page was a back-and-forth effort between 
> subject matter experts of Alfresco, Fedora, and Java.  There is 
> expertise that can help when the details are visible to them.
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