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Re: [RHEL6 PATCH] internal: properly define %{dist} and compute correct pkg_release from Makefile

[removing RHKL]

Could you indicate how emails regarding RHEL5&  RHEL6 kernel Makefile
and spec files (and starting with "internal:") are appropriate for
fedora-kernel development lists please.

"Internal" meant that it is not related to upstream, it is just for the RPM build machinery. I don't like calling it "internal:" because it can give exactly this situation, but traditionally this was used for RHEL5.

There are plenty of references to Fedora in the spec files I changed, so I thought I would CC the message to the fedora list FYI. Nevertheless, my apologies for the crossposting. I should have sent two separate messages.

I believe patches aimed at supporting internal build systems are not
appropriate for Fedora. I thought you guys were moving to Koji for
RHEL6 anyway?

The patches work equivalently for koji.


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