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Re: Laptop support in F10

Oddly, I found that in the 90's laptops worked perfectly with Linux
(the Gateway Solo I had did anyway). It's  been a steady road down
hill since then.

A HP laptop I purchased in 2001 could not use the full  LCD area in X
Window... until Fedora 9 (2008!)...
(X Window driver issue relating to lack of doc by graphics hardware
vendor I believe).

I guess the APM power  management was simpler back then. Now it's a
hodgepoge of half broken implementations of ACPI.  Windows is ok
because the hardware vendor works very very hard to ensure Windows
compatibilty. So it's not Linux/Fedora developer's fault -- but I do
wish there was more effort put into finding a solution. BTW: this is
something I would pay for... eg $40 per release if anyone is thinking
of providing a solution pack for a given make/model laptop to make it
function perfectly with a given distro of Linux.


2008/11/26 Fastie <fastie81 gmail com>:
> It feels like I am back in the 90's where I need to boot up and shut down
> every time I move between offices.
> Has Laptop support been kicked out in favour for something ells?
> C
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