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Re: CPU/GPU? Lockup on Dell Latitude C640

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From: Brian Millett <bmillett gmail com>
> On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 07:11 +0000, William M. Quarles wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> My Dell Latitude C640 laptop for some reason kept locking up on Fedora 9. I 
>> thought it might be related to the fact that it was docked, so I undocked it, no 
>> luck. Tried installing Fedora 10, it locked up in the installation program once 
>> I got to custom package selection. Tried again while skipping the customization 
>> process, it locks up during the package installation.
>> The lockup seems to be similar to the CPU overheating that I have experienced 
>> in the past when a fan went bad on my Dell desktop. I'm not really all that sure 
>> as to whether or not the fan is running on here when I have booted into Fedora 
>> either. I think I've seen this happen when the GPU on my laptop overheated as 
>> well. I also saw a common bug posted on Radeon graphics chipsets, which this 
>> laptop has the Radeon 7500 set, but I am not sure if that is an issue either.
>> As usual (fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not sure which) I'm having zero 
>> issues when using Windows XP Pro SP3.
>> Any ideas?
>> Oh, and is anybody else having trouble with Gmane lately? I can't seem to post 
>> to the groups, and Lars won't answer my e-mails.
>try doing a memtest with the live cd.

I'm very new to this Live CD concept. What is a Live CD, and how do I make it? Why wouldn't the memory test on the installation disc work instead?

(Remember to "Reply All" when you write back, Brian, so it makes it to the list).


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