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Re: Laptop with i915GM

Have you tried xrandr?  It worked really good to me.

2009/2/4 Jean Figueiredo <jfigueiredo gmail com>
Hi Olivier,

I did try with ur config, but doesn't work :(

after the login box, my pc freezen,

i send the error log...
other way... i have other same laptop (friend) and the dual monitos works...

tomorrow i will try the re-size the virtual screen.

best regards.

2009/2/4 Olivier Renault <orenault redhat com>
Jean Figueiredo wrote:
Hello all!

i have some problem with the dual head... its works just mirror and not extender desktop...

so, solutions? anybody knows?

best regards

Sorry, my english is very poor..


I have got it working w/ the attached xorg.conf

PS:mine is an i945

Section "Device"
       Identifier      "Intel 945G "
       Driver         "intel"
       # Using the name of the output defined by the video driver plus the identifier of a
       #     monitor section, one associates a monitor section with an output by adding an
       #     option to the Device section in the following format:
       #     Option "Monitor-outputname" "monitor ID"
       Option          "monitor-VGA" "foo"
       Option          "monitor-LVDS" "bar"
       #Option         "monitor-TMDS-1" "dvi"


Section "Monitor"
       Identifier      "foo"
       Option "PreferredMode"  "1280x1024"
       Option "Position" "0 0"

       # specifies a mode to be marked as the preferred initial mode of the monitor
       # Option "PreferredMode"  "800x600"
       # This optional entry specifies the position of the monitor within the X screen.
       #Option        "Position" "1024 0"
       #This optional entry specifies that the monitor should be ignored
       #     entirely, and not reported through RandR.  This is useful if the
       #     hardware reports  the  presence  of  outputs  that do not exist.
       #Option "Ignore"  "true"

Section "Monitor"
       Identifier      "bar"
       Option "PreferredMode"  "1024x768"
       Option "Enable"  "true"

       #Options LeftOf, RightOf, Above, Below specify monitors´┐Ż relative position
       Option "RightOf"  "foo"
       # This optional entry specifies  whether  the  monitor  should  be
       #     turned  on  at  startup.  By default, the server will attempt to
       #     enable all connected monitors.
       #Option "Enable"  "true"
       #This optional entry specifies the initial rotation of the given monitor.
       #     Valid values for rotation are "normal", "left", "right", and "inverted".
       # Option "Rotate"  "left"

Section "Screen"
       Identifier      "Default Screen"
       Device        "Intel Corporation 945G Integrated Graphics Controller"
       Monitor       "foo"
       DefaultDepth  24
       SubSection "Display"
               Depth          24
               Modes         "1280x1024"  "1024x768"   "640x480"
               # This optional entry specifies the virtual screen resolution to be used.
               # If this entry is not present, the virtual screen resolution will be set to
               # accommodate all the valid video modes given in the Modes entry.
               # There is a known issue that DRI doesn't work on pre-965 if maximum is larger than 2048x2048.
               Virtual                 2304 1024

Jean Figueiredo
Jean Figueiredo
jfigueiredo gmail com

"Software is like sex, it's better when it's free." - Linus Torvalds

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