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RE: F10 installation on Hp laptop(dv5-1210tx)

Hey, but am more worried about the Audio card. I tried with F10 KDE live CD but no sound was audible! Also how do I get rpm-fusion usage license?


Is their any alternate method to get sound working on my laptop?



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Subject: Re: F10 installation on Hp laptop(dv5-1210tx)


Nvidia graphics will be supported if you use rpm fusion non-free repository, the processor is supported, the touchpad too, the network card too, but the tv tunner the audo codec and the HP MeadiaSmart thing should be check before. The best thing is trying first with a live cd and check that everything works out of the box. With a live cd you should not have proper video aceleration as it will use the default nv driver for your nvidia card until you set up rpmfusion and install nvidia propietary kernel, so don't worry about the video performance.

2009/2/27 Gyan PRAKASH <gyan prakash st com>



Hey, did anyone tried Fedora(F10) on HP dv5-1210tx laptop. Following are the specs of my laptop


1.      Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz

2.      NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS/9600M GT Video/Graphic

3.      Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad

4.      HP Integrated Digital TV Tuner

5.      IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC

6.      Realtek PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC

7.      HP MediaSmart


Am scared of whether the above mentioned sound/graphics and network hardware’s would work or NOT? Please provide feedback!


















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