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Re: F10 on Lenovo T61 issue


2009/2/27 William Henry <whenry redhat com>

I've seen others have this problem and I've seen a BZ regarding it. Its the "mouse still moves but can't do anything with the keyboard or mouse input' problem. Requires a hardware reboot.

I've given up on Fedora for a while until I see this fixed. I don't have time for multiple reboots a day and the risk of losing data.

I've also seen issues with NetworkManager. 

Make sure there are bug reports filled.

I'm sadly disappointed with F10.

I'm sorry you are dissapointed with Fedora and sad because your propietary stuff doesn't work on it. Fedora as a distro doesn't have nothing to do with such complains as they happen due a lack of proper driver implementation as some companies still refuses to support linux or because a software component is not working properly. In both cases Fedora doesn't directly develop the drivers or the components that doesn't work and you should get your complain to the upstream projects so they can fix it sometime or fill a bug report to Fedora so they can report upstream and apply patches as the come in.

If you feel that other modern distros works better where Fedora fails you should check them but we all use the same linux kernel and same X.org so lack of hardware support is a common pain.


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